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Non-veg specialities

All rates subject to 10 % Service charge and 13 % VAT


Soups & Starters


Soupe du jour
Soup of the day
 — Rs.365

Traditional French onion soup with croutons and chees
 — Rs.495

Assiette oriental
Humus, dzidzaki and taboulé  
– Rs.495

Toasts au reblochon
Imported French Reblochon cheese grilled topped with hazelnut and sage pesto
— Rs.850

Toasts au fromage de chèvre
Imported French goat cheese with olive paste on toast
— Rs.780

Petit paquet surprise
Flaky wrapping stuffed with bacon, mozzarella and sage
— Rs.725

Chèvre chaud, salade
Grilled goat cheese on salad with hazelnut oil and honey raspberry vinegar
— Rs.680

Salade parisienne
Mixed salad, blue cheese, croutons and almondsof cowboy fry bread
— Rs.725

Salade toulousaine    
Mixed green salad with duck gesiers and croutons
— Rs.725

Salade romaine
Arugula, Italian parmesan, smoked ham
— Rs.825

Salade bistro
Mixed salad, Roquefort cheese, walnut and chicken
— Rs.765

Salade du berger
Mixed salad, hazelnuts, goat cheese, and grilled capsicum
— Rs.725

Salade croquante au camembert
Crunchy cabbage and apple salad topped with warm French Camembert cheese and walnuts
— Rs.820

Assiette de saucisson sec
French salami served with gherkins
— Rs.1500


Quiches, Tartes et Sandwiches

Quiches, tarts and sandwiches


Quiche lorraine
Bacon and cheese quiche
— Rs.780

Quiche aux légumes du jour
Quiche with seasonal vegetables and cheese
— Rs.730

Onion and olive tart served with assorted salads
— Rs.595

Tarte chaude aux champignons des bois
Flaky wild mushroom tart served with walnut sauce
— Rs.1100

Tarte a la tomate et a la mozzarelle
Tomato tart with mozzarella and basil
— Rs.680

Croque monsieur
Grilled cheese and ham sandwich
— Rs.820

Sandwich végétarien
Vegetarian sandwich (Organic)
— Rs.680

Sandwich parisien
French-style ham and cheese sandwich
— Rs.820

Bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich
— Rs.950

Sandwich au saucisson sec
Sandwich of dry French sausage
— Rs.990

Sandwich a la viande froide
Cold-cut tenderloin or chicken sandwich with mayonnaise
— Rs.720

Sandwich au thon
Tuna fish sandwich
— Rs.600

Sandwich Méditérranéen
French beans, tomatoes, onions, olives, salad,
egg and tuna in foccacia bread
— Rs.720

Sandwich au saumon fumé
Smoked salmon sandwich served with salads
— Rs.1350

Sandwich du chef
Club sandwich
— Rs.1450

Assiette de frites
French fries
— Rs.285


Pâtes et divers

Light fare & Pasta


Crêpes (Pancakes)
au fromage, oeufs, jambon, poulet, épinards (with cheese, eggs, ham, chicken, spinach)
- Une garniture (one filling) — Rs.480.00
- Deux garnitures (two fillings) — Rs.580.00
- Trois garnitures (three fillings) — Rs.680.00

Saucisses frites
Chicken or pork frankfurters served with French fries
 — Rs.680

Aubergines, mozzarella, chicken, tomatoes and herbs baked with cream and cheese
 — Rs.920

Salade Caroline
Mixed salad, tomatoes, olives, bacon, egg and chicken
 — Rs.1150

Spaghettis melanzane
Spaghettis with smoked eggplant and pine nuts
 — Rs.920

Spaghettis putanesca
Spaghettis with tomato sauce, capers, olives, herbs and anchovies served with parmesan
 — Rs.880

Spaghettis au saumon
Spaghettis with cream sauce and smoked salmon
 — Rs.1225

Spaghettis à la carbonara
Spaghettis with fresh cream, egg and bacon
 — Rs.920


Spaghettis au pesto
Spaghettis with basil sauce served with parmesan
 — Rs.650

Spaghettis aux trois fromages
Spaghettis with blue cheese, parmesan and yak cheese
 — Rs.1150

Lasagnes au poulet
Home made lasagnes with chicken and tomato sauce
 — Rs.950

Spinach raviolis baked in blue cheese and walnut sauce
 — Rs.950

Gratin de chou-fleur
Cauliflower, potato and egg in a white cream sauce and baked with cheese
 — Rs.820

Raclette Caroline
French cheese on potato served with gherkins and Parma ham
 — Rs.1550

Baked layers of potato, onion, bacon and French Reblochon cheese
 — Rs.1850

Assiette de légumes
Grilled / steamed fresh seasonal vegetable platter
 — Rs.490


Plats principaux

Main Courses


Poulet du Jour
Chicken specialty of the day
 — Rs.980

Brochettes de la Garigue
Chicken skewers marinated in orange, lavender, marjoram and honey served with a feta salad and dill rice
 — Rs.1120

Brochettes orientales
Chicken skewers marinated in fresh cardamoms and spices served on bed of dill rice
 — Rs.1120

Steak au poivre
Grilled steak with pepper and cream sauce
- 1pcs  — Rs.980
- 2pcs — Rs.1250

Tournedos, sauce au Roquefort
Grilled tournedos served with Roquefort cheese sauce
1pcs  — Rs.1200
2pcs  — Rs.1450

Côtes de porc à la moutarde
Pork chops with mustard and cream sauce
— Rs.1195

Mouton périgourdin
Leg of Australian lamb cooked in white wine
 — Rs.1650

Mouton grillé
Leg of Australian lamb sliced and grilled with herbs
— Rs.1620

Gourmandises de la mer
Tiger prawns and sole fish cooked in white wine, garlic, parsley and cream served with rice or spaghettis
— Rs.1450

Pavé de saumon sauce vierge
Grilled salmon steak with tomatoes, rosemary and olive oil (extra virgin)
— Rs.1625

Truite à l’aneth
Grilled or steamed filet of trout with dill sauce
— Rs.1270

Crevettes au gingembre
Shrimps cooked with ginger, garlic, onions and cream
— Rs.965

Lapin à la moutarde
Rabbit cooked in a mustard sauce
— Rs.1360